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Kasei Valles

Kasei Valles is one of the largest outflow channel systems on Mars that was created by several gigantic flood events over 3 billion years ago.

Asteroid Vesta

The asteroid Vesta is the third largest body in the asteroid belt (with dimensions of 280 x 270 x 230 kilometer) and one of a few relicts from early times of the solar system.

Dao and Niger Valles

This complex outflow-channel system on Mars is up to 40 km wide in places. The northern Dao Vallis is about 2400 m deep, the southern Niger Vallis about 1400 m.

Ulyxis Rupes

Ulyxis Rupes is located in the southern highlands of our neighbour planet Mars. There are many ice deposits and dune formations in this area.

Valles Marineris

This animation shows a fly-over of the central region of the vast canyon system Valles Marineris, a significant geological structure on Mars.

Saturnian moon Iapetus

This animation shows a small part of the massive equatorial ridge on Iapetus. The ridge encircles the Saturnian moon along the equator.

Mawrth Vallis

This large outflow channel is situated north of the Martian dichotomy boundary between the southern highland and the northern lowland.

Impact crater Nicholson

Nicholson Crater is located northwest of a region called Medusae Fossae on Mars. In the centre of this crater an oblong massif rises around 3.5 km above the floor.

Hebes Chasma

Hebes Chasma is an almost 8 km deep basin on Mars, stretching 315 km in an east-west direction and 125 km from north to south.