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Fascinating structures everywhere

The Tharsis region covers one quarter of the Martian surface. Even the smaller volcanos like Jovis Tholus, Biblis and Ulysses patera can be found in the image. The fractured Noctis Labyrinthus canyons can be easily spotted, as are many other surface features observed in previous orbits, like for example the large Lycus Sulci landslide north of Olympus Mons or the Tantalus Fossae in the upper portion of the image. Check the annotated image for prominent features and use the zoom function to further explore this high-resolution image. In the lower portion of the image, a small cloud band and lee wave clouds can be found. The latter develop when air passes over an obstacle like a topographic ridge and receives a pulse which is then transformed into kinetic energy. The stack of air, consisting of different layers, then forms a wave-like structure at the lee side of the obstacle.