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Landslides and Mass Wasting Deposits

Large mass wasting/landslide deposits can be found around the central light-toned mound. The larger one derives from the collapse of the canyon wall northeast (below the mound) and looks relatively recent, displaying diverging striations and apron-like lobes at its termination. It is also overlain by smaller landslides in the lower part of the image, this can best be seen in the color-coded terrain model. Another large slide can be found south (left) of the central mound. This one however looks much more eroded and might be older. The landslides occur also in higher regions, as displayed by the “small” 15 km wide deposit located close to the breached crater rim in the central portion of the image.

Only a tiny bit less spectacular is the floor of this part of Ius Chasma. The hummocky and crested surface appears to show back-tilted blocks and mass wasting deposits, remnants of the collapse and slump of flank materials. Interestingly the southern (left) flank of Ius Chasma shows several parallel scarps in a similar east-west orientation as the chasmata and faults themselves. Here, the ancient extensional tectonic history is documented in the deposits on the chasma floor.