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View of the region around Jezero Crater

Jezero Crater lies exactly on the boundary between the ancient highland region of Terra Sabaea (see context map) and the similarly aged Isidis impact basin, whose present-day Isidis Planitia surface was formed primarily by significantly younger deposits. The nearby Nili Fossae graben system, which roughly traces the shape of the Isidis basin rim through its curvature, was formed precisely by this impact as a result of tectonic fractures. Adjoining Jezero Crater to the southwest is the volcanic region of Syrtis Major. This image was created from the red, green and blue channels of HRSC and combined with high-resolution data from its nadir channel, which is directed perpendicular to the surface of Mars. The dark, bluish-black areas are covered by a layer of ancient volcanic ash that is widely dispersed by the wind and often piles up into impressive dune fields. The high resolution of the data processed for this image allows for greater enlargement, enabling a closer look at individual details of the landscape. For this image, small gaps in the image mosaic were interpolated.