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Maryse Napoleoni received a prize at Exobiologie Jeune Chercheurs conference

News from Oct 26, 2022

At the astrobiology conference "Exobiologie Jeune Chercheurs" in Paris from October 17-19th Maryse Napoleoni from the Planetary Sciences and Remote Sensing group received a prize for her presentation on the topic "Analog experiments for the detection of bacterial biosignatures in ice grains from ocean worlds". Her work contains simulating mass spectra of ice grains containing bacterial cells. The Surface Dust Analyzer (SUDA) onboard NASA's Europa Clipper mission will be able to detect potential biosignatures if existing in the oceans of Europa or Enceladus. The prize was awarded by the 'Origines Institute' and consits of 1000 euros and a visit to the insitute in France.

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