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Locational Advantage

The geosciences department at Freie Universität Berlin offers comprehensive, broad training and exemplary fundamental research in almost all areas of terrestrial and planetary geosciences. The expertise of the three Institutes of Geological Sciences, Geographical Sciences and Meteorology is reflected in the interdisciplinary “Planetary Sciences and Space Exploration” Master's program. The planetary sciences and remote sensing research groups at the Institute of Geological Sciences are involved in several international programs of planetary exploration (Mars, Saturn, exoplanets) and collaborative research projects, such as the DFG-Collaborative Research Center-Transregio TRR 170 “Late accretion on terrestrial planets”. 

Furthermore, the department is connected to numerous institutions in the metropolitan area of Berlin, most notably the Institute of Planetary Research of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Museum of Natural History (MFN), which participate in teaching, joint research projects and internships, and supervision of Master's theses.

The Institutes of Geological and Geographical Sciences are located on the green Freie Universiät Berlin GeoCampus in Lankwitz. The Institute of Meteorology is located in Dahlem on a separate campus.