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2010 - 6th Meeting

Microseismic Monitoring: Imaging and Event Analysis

  • Application of aWaveformSimilarity- Based Location Algorithmto the Basel 1 Microseismic Data
  • Microseismic Imaging of a Hydraulic Reservoir Stimulation: Basel
  • Waveform Similarity Analysis at Cotton Valley, Texas
  • Reflection Coefficients at a Thin Fluid Layer as a Model of a Hydraulic Fracture

Microseismic Monitoring: Physical Fundamentals and Interpretation

  • Geometric Control of Earthquakes Induced by Fluid-rock Interactions
  • Seismotectonic State of Reservoirs Inferred From Induced Microseismicity
  • Probability of Earthquake Occurrence andMagnitude Estimation in the Post Injection Phase of Geothermal Projects
  • Poroelastic Coupling and Triggering of Microseismicity
  • Geomechanical Interpretation of Pore Pressures TriggeringMicroseismicity
  • Modelling Studies to Investigate Critical Pore Pressures of Fluid-Induced Seismicity at the Basel Geothermal Reservoir
  • Influence of Nonlinear Fluid-rock Interaction on Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Seismicity from Barnett Shale
  • Diffusivity and Tectonic Potential Estimation fromMicroseismic Event Density
  • Feasibility of Microseimic Monitoring at Lower Saxony’s Rotliegend Reservoirs

Laboratory Studies and Rock Physics

  • Attenuation in Obernkirchner Sandstone, Preliminary Results