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From Top to Bottom-Seismicity, Motion Patterns & Stress Distribution in the Alpine Crust

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Research Team:
Nov 01, 2017 — Dec 19, 2023

The aim of our project is to investigate the processes which control the seismicity of the Alps. We hypothesize that patterns of stress and motion can be quantified from the seismicity which is observed with unprecedented resolution by AlpArray (http://www.alparray.ethz.ch/en/home). A major challenge are the detection and analysis of weak seismic events which are of prime importance for establishing the link between near-surface and deep crustal processes. We face this by a consistent analyis of local-scale data recorded by the dense seismic network SAWTH-D at the transition between Eastern and Southern Alps, usinng modern waveform-based seismological techniques for event detection and location. In close cooperation with MB-4D projects from other disciplines (http://www.spp-mountainbuilding.de/index.html), our project will enable us to derive spatial and eventually temporal patterns of motion, deformation and stresses and finally contribute to an improved understanding of the Alpine mountain building process.


Dr. Jörn Kummerow

Dr. Simone Cesca (GFZ Potsdam)

Dr. Joachim Wassermann (LMU Munich)

Dr. Thomas Plenefisch (BGR)


Rens Hofman


DFG funded, SPP MB-4D, Time period 2017-2020