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Workshop on the search for a repository for nuclear waste

Participants of the workshop in Kassel.

Participants of the workshop in Kassel.
Image Credit: BfE

News from Oct 31, 2019

Last weekend 5 students of the Working Group Tectonics and Sedimentary Systems (Olga Brunsmann, Yann David Brück-Göckelmann, Alexander Gessner, Elisabeth Hofmann and Robert Neumeister) participated in a workshop on the search for a final depot for nuclear waste in Kassel (25.-27.10.2019). The focus of the workshop was on the evaluation of possibilities for public communication in final repository search. Also the professional exchange was provided by the presence of the employees of the Federal Society for Repository Search (BGE).

Due to the social relevance, the complexity of the search and the principle of the "white map", the topic plays an important role not only for our working group (seismic exploration, stress field monitoring, sedimentology of clay and salt deposits, etc.), but also for all fields of geosciences.

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