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AG Tectonics at the TSK in Jena 2018

News from Mar 26, 2018

Members of the working group Tectonics at TSK in Jena:


Daniel Goris: The Shkoder- Peja Normal Fault system and its relation to the Kosovo basin.


Victoria Kohn: Temperature gradient in the Adula nappe and its potential significance for the
nappe’s kinematic history.


Tim Langner: Peak temperatures in the Seidlwinkl-Rote Wand nappe (Central Tauern Window,
Eastern Alps) determined by Raman spectroscopy on carbonaceous matter.


Philip Groß: The structural and metamorphic record of subduction, exhumation and collision
in the Penninic nappes of the central Tauern Window, Eastern Alps.

Supported also the work of T. Langner.


Marc Grund: Geological map (1:10 000) of the Shkoder-Peja Normal Fault in its central segment
near Bajram Curri (northern Albania) – evidence for distributed normal faulting
and extension.

Supported also the work of D. Goris, J. Giese.


Jörg Giese: Footwall exhumation along the Shkoder-Peja Normal Fault vs. regional uplift and
erosional denudation (Dinarides-Hellenides junction).

Supported also the work of D. Goris, M. Grund.


Mark Handy: Transfer and rotational normal faulting at the Dinarides-Hellenides junction - their
relation to tearing and retreat of the Adriatic slab.

Supported also the work of D. Goris, P. Groß, M. Grund.


Jan Pleuger has supported the following group members: V. Kohn, T. Lanner, P. Groß, J. Giese, M. Handy

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