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News from Apr 13, 2021


Eline Le Breton - Inheritance control on plate boundaries, and inheritance, structures, and kinematics of the Apennines

Tuesday, 27 April, 09:00–12:30 (CEST). TS7.9

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Anne Bernhardt - Responding to change: Propagation of environmental signals during landscape transience

Thursday, 29 April, 09:00–10:30 (CEST). SSP2.7

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PICO presentations:

Angela Maria Gomez Garcia - The preserved plume conduits of the Caribbean Large Igneous Plateau and their relation with the Galápagos hotspot back to 90 Ma

Monday, 26 April, 09:23–09:25 (CEST). EGU21-10188, GD1.6

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Eline Le Breton - Lower plate extension of a retreating subduction zone: case study of the Sicily Channel Rift Zone

Tuesday, 27 April, 09:51–09:53 (CEST). EGU21-12579, TS7.9

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Lorenzo Gemignani - Pleistocene to Holocene river terraces in the Tropoja Basin (northeastern Albania) record tectonic and climatic fluctuations modulated by drainage integration processes

Tuesday, 27 April, 13:36–13:38 (CEST). EGU21-10781, GM9.12/TS5.9

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Marc Grund - Faulting, doming and basin formation during orogenic arcuation – the case of the Shkoder-Peja Normal Fault System (northern Albania and Kosovo)

Wednesday, 28 April, 11:00–11:02 (CEST). EGU21-14816, S4.4

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Julian Hülscher - Selective recording of a tectonic forcing in different grain-size fractions in the Oligocene/Miocene Eastern Alpine Molasse Basin

Thursday, 29 April, 09:35–09:37 (CEST). EGU21-14581, SSP2.7

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Sarah Mosser - Transient landscape response to abrupt precipitation increase at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition, offshore Sumatra

Thursday, 29 April, 09:43–09:45 (CEST). EGU21-6237, SSP2.7

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Philipp Kempf - Understanding the Effect of Age Uncertainty in Recurrence Analysis of Paleoseismic Records

Friday, 30 April,16:23–16:25 (CEST). EGU21-7929, NH4.4

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