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Thermo 2018 Conference

News from Sep 22, 2018

The 16th International Conference on Thermochronology (Thermo 2018) in September 2018, Quedlinburg, Germany had the focus on theory and application of fission track, noble gas, and other innovative low-temperature thermochronology approaches. The purpose of the conference was to bring together the active international thermochronology community to exchange ideas on the latest developments and discuss important aspects of thermochronology and its modern applications in the Earth System. The meeting also included a pre-conference field trip and workshops. Dr. Jörg Giese, Dr. Lorenzo Gemignani and Marc Grund (doctoral candidate) from our department brought contributions with posters on topics related to actual projects in Madagascar, Kosovo and Albania (DFG Projects) as well as contributions about erosion and exhumation patterns in the eastern Himalaya.

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