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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Anna Gorbushina




AB Mineralogie-Petrologie


Malteserstr. 74-100
12249 Berlin



Materials and Environment
Dept. of Earth Sciences & Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Freie Universität Berlin


Research Interests

  • Geomicrobiology & microbial ecology of rock biofilms
  • Microbial weathering & soil formation
  • Subaerial biofilm models on (geo)materials
  • Genomics of rock-inhhabiting fungi

Academic training


Habilitation in Microbiology (Oldenburg University, Germany)


Dr. rer.nat. in Mycology (Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia)


Diplom in Biology / Biophysics (Universität St. Petersburg, Russia)

Professional experience

Since 4/2009

Full Professor (W3), Freie Universität Berlin & Head of Department IV “Materials and Environment”, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin


Researcher, University of Geneva, Switzerland


Assistant Researcher, Geomicrobiology, Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM), Oldenburg University


Postdoctoral Fellow, Geomicrobiology, ICBM, Oldenburg


Joint PhD program between Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), St. Petersburg, Russia and ICBM, Oldenburg, Germany


Junior Researcher, Biological Research Institute, St. Petersburg State University

Awards & Nominations


Feodor-Lynen-Fellowship (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)


DFG Research Fellowship


Nominated and elected member of the International Board of ISEB (International Symposia on Environmental Biogeochemistry)


Dorothea Erxleben Scholarship (6 years Research Assistant position)


St. Petersburg Natural History Society scholarship for graduate studies abroad

Cooperation/consultancy in national & international committees

Reviewer for various funding organizations: Israel NSF, National Environmental Research
Council of Canada, Austrian Science Foundation FWF

Editorial activities

Guest Editor (2003) and Associate Editor of Geomicrobiology Journal (since 2007)
Reviewer for 14 ISI-listed journals

Selected international invited presentations

AGS Annual Conference (2001), ISEB (2003); Geomycology, Uppsala (2008); Geochemistry of the Earth Surface 8 (2008); Goldschmidt Conference (2009), Gordon Research Conference on Geobiology (2011)

10 Selected peer-reviewed publications – no. of citations (06/2012) in parentheses

1. Toepfer, I., Favet J.. Schulte A., Schmölling M., Butte W., Triplett E. W., Broughton W.J., Gorbushina A.A.. (2012) Pathogens as potential hitchhikers on intercontinental dust Aerobiologi, 28:221-231.

2. Gorbushina, A.A., Kempe, A., Rodenacker, K., Jutting, U., Stark, R.W., Heckl, W.M., Krumbein, W.E. (2011). Quantitative 3-dimensional Image Analysis of Mineral Surface Modifications - Chemical, Mechanical and Biological. Geomicrobiology Journal. 28: 172-184.

3. Gorbushina, AA, Broughton, WJ (2009) Microbiology of the atmosphere-rock interface (how biological interactions and physical stresses regulate a sophisticated microbial system. Annual Reviews of Microbiology, Volume 63: 431-450. (20)

4. Brehm, U, Gorbushina, AA, Motterhead, D (2005) The role of microorganisms and biofilms in the breakdown and dissolution of quartz and glass. Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology 219: 117-129. (29)

5. Gorbushina, AA, Heyrman, J, Dornieden, Th, Gonzalez-Delvalle, M, Krumbein, WE, Laiz, L, Petersen, K, Saiz-Jimenez, C, Swings, J (2004) Bacterial and fungal diversity and biodeterioration problems in mural painting environments of St. Martins church (Greene–Kreiensen, Germany). International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 53: 13-24. (31)

6. Gorbushina, AA (2003) Microcolonial fungi: survival potential of terrestrial vegetative structures. Astrobiology 3: 543-554. (24)

7. Gorbushina, AA, Krumbein, WE and Volkmann, M (2002) Rock surfaces as life indicators: new ways to demonstrate life and traces of former life. Astrobiology 2: 203-213. (28)

8. Moehlenhoff, P, Gorbushina, AA, Petersen, K and Müller, L (2001) Molecular approaches to fungal communities characterisation: methods for DNA extraction, PCR amplification and DGGE analysis of mural paintings materials. FEMS Microbiology Letters 195: 169-173. (38)

9. Gorbushina, AA, Boettcher, M, Brumsack, H-J, Krumbein, WE, Vendrell-Saz, M (2001) Biogenic Forsterite and Opal as a Product of Biodeterioration and Lichen Stromatolite Formation in Table Mountain Systems (Tepuis) of Venezuela. Geomicrobiology Journal 18: 117-132. (22)

10. Gorbushina, AA, Krumbein, WE, Hamann, CH, Panina, L, Soukharjevski, S and Wollenzien, U (1993) On the role of black fungi in colour change and biodeterioration of antique marbles. Geomicrobiology Journal 11, 205-221. (88)



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