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X-ray Diffraction Lab

Building T – Room T 031

Tel.: +49 30 838 70 819

Contact person: Dr. Anselm Loges, Tel. +49 30 838 71761, Mail: anselm.loges@fu-berlin.de


  • Panalytical Empyrean diffractometer with two different tube types: Cu or Co

  • Fixed divergence slit optics with different apertures from 1/16° - 2

  • PIXcel 1 D detector. This is a semiconductor detector, which detects on 255x255 pixels, so very fast measurements are possible. The detector can be used in energy discriminating mode, optimizing the sensitivity for Cu-Ka radiation and efficiently suppressing any fluorescence radiation that may occur in samples containing Fe.

  • Sample changer with a 15-position magazine.



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