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Raman Spectroscopy Lab

Building T – Room T 032

Tel.: +49 30 838 70824


Contact person: Dr. Anselm Loges, Tel. +49 30 838 71761, Mail: anselm.loges@fu-berlin.de


The Raman laboratory is equipped with a “Horiba ISA Dilor Labram” micro-confocal Raman spectrometer with a focal length of 300mm and a spectral resolution of up to 3.5 cm-1.

Depending on the analysed material and the applied method, the user can choose between the internal 632 nm He-Ne and an external 532 nm Nd-YAG laser. Maps and linescans can be done with the automated x-y table.



  • Phase identification of fluids, minerals and partly glasses (Fingerprinting)

  • Structural (e.g.: stress-strain, metamictisation) and orientation effects

  • Carbon thermometry