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Laboratory for electron beam microanalysis

Building T – Room T 033

Tel.: +49 30 838 70869

Contact person: Dr. Xin Zhong

E-Mail: xinzhong0708@gmail.com

User regulations: download pdf

The Institute of Geological Sciences hosts a JEOL JXA 8200 Superprobe, equipped with five wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (WDS) and one energy-dispersive (EDS) detector. We perform non-destructive chemical analysis and imaging of solid materials at the micrometer scale using a focused electron beam.

The instrument is primarily used in WDS mode for quantitative analysis against reference materials and element distribution mapping.

Other applications are:

  • Qualitative element analysis (EDS, WDS)

  • Surface morphology (Secondary electron detector)

  • Element contrast imaging (Backscatter electron detector)