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Characterizing deep groundwater flow systems used for geothermal energy supply in the Molasse Basin (South Germany)

Original title: Wissenschaftliche und technische Grundlagen zur strukturgeologischen und hydrogeologischen Charakterisierung tiefer geothermisch genutzter Grundwasserleiter am Beispiel des süddeutschen Molassebeckens


The project is financed by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU; FKZ: 0327671A).

Project Duration


Project description

The focus of this project is to refine the current understanding of deep groundwater circulation systems investigating hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical and tectonical features. The study is carried out in the Molasse Basin (Malm aquifer). Due to elevated ranges of temperature and salinity the resulting groundwater flow pattern in these systems is governed not only by forced convection but also by buoyancy forces due to changes of density and viscosity of the water. This is further complicated by degassing, hydrochemical reactions and tectonical structures. Since the water circulation in such systems constitutes the major transport mechanism of geothermal energy an improved understanding of these hydrogeological environments is of great interest.

The partner institutions are:

  • Freie Universitaet Berlin, Hydrogeology Group (Project coordinator)
  • Erdwerk GmbH, Munich (consulting company)li>
  • Technical University Munich, Institute of Hydrochemistry


Dr. Michael Schneider



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