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Hydrogeological investigations on the hydraulic interaction between the moors in the Grunewald (Berlin) and the groundwater

Der Pechsee im Jahr 2007

Der Pechsee im Jahr 2007
Image Credit: Norman Pyritz 

Time period: 02.04.2015 - 01.02.2020

Description: The impact of groundwater abstraction on groundwater dependent ecosystems in the past and future is complex and difficult to determine. The environment of moors in particular is characterized by complex groundwater dynamics, since these are deposited on a shrinkable and partly also swellable peat body, are rainwater fed and hydraulically communicate only limited with groundwater.

On the basis of selected moors in the Grunewald (Berlin), which are located in an area with long-term groundwater abstraction, weather data are collected and the processes of hydraulic interaction between the moor bodies and the groundwater is examined with the help of a comprehensive monitoring program.

Contact: Dr. Andreas Winkler