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Theresa Frommen

Doctoral Thesis:  „Development of a participatory groundwater management in peri-urban low income areas in Jaipur, India” (in frame of the Global Resilience Partnership)

Frommen, T., Groeschke, M., Noelscher, M. & Schneider, M. (2019) Anthropogenic and geogenic impacts on peri-urban aquifers in India – Insight from a Case Study in the Northeast of Jaipur (in prep.)

Frommen, T. (2018) Wasserversorgung in Indien – Konflikt & Lösung aus hydrogeologischer Sicht. perspektive mediation, 4-2018.

Groeschke, M., Frommen, T., Winkler, A., & Schneider, M. (2017) Sewage-Borne Ammonium at a River Bank Filtration Site in Central Delhi, India: Simplified Flow and Reactive Transport Modeling to Support Decision-Making about Water Management Strategies. Geosciences, 7(3), 48.

Groeschke, M., Frommen, T., Taute, T., & Schneider, M. (2017) The impact of sewage-contaminated river water on groundwater ammonium and arsenic concentrations at a riverbank filtration site in central Delhi, India. Hydrogeology Journal, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10040-017-1605-1

Groeschke, M., Frommen, T., Grützmacher, G., Schneider, M. & Sehgal, D. (2015) Application of Bank Filtration in Aquifers Affected by Ammonium – The Delhi Example. In: Wintgens et al. (eds.) Natural Water Treatment Systems for Safe and Sustainable Water Supply in the Indian Context: Saph Pani. IWA Publishing, London.

Kretzschmar, T.G. & Frommen, T. (2013) Stable isotope composition of surface and groundwater in Baja California. Procedia Earth and Planetary Science, 7: 451-454.

Beiträge zu Konferenzen und internationalen Workshops


Vortrag, EGU General Assembly 2019, Wien, Österreich

  • „Participatory Groundwater Monitoring in India - Insights from a Case-Study in Jaipur”


Vortrag, 27. HIP Workshop, Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Deutschland

  • „New Insights for Participatory Projects – A Cooperation between Hydrogeologists and a Documentary Filmmaker”


Vortrag, IAH Konferenz, Daejeon, Südkorea

  • „New Insights for Participatory Projects – A Cooperation between Hydrogeologists and a Documentary Filmmaker”

Posterpräsentation, IAH Konferenz, Daejeon, Südkorea

  • „Anthropogenic and geogenic influences on groundwater quality of urban aquifers in Jaipur, India”


Vortrag, XXVIII DoktorandInnentreffen, FU Berlin, Deutschland

  • „Hydrogeology and Water Infrastructure of Northeast Jaipur, India”


Vortrag, FH-DGG Konferenz, Bochum, Deutschland

  • „Participatory Water Management in India – Theory and Practice”


Vortrag auf WaterScapes Symposium, Neu-Delhi

  • „Development of a participatory groundwater management in peri urban low-income communities – One project, two perspectives”


Posterpräsentation auf dem Doktorand*innen Treffen, GeoZentrum Nordbayern

  • „A day’s action towards climate resilience in India…”


Vortrag auf der IAH Konferenz, Montpellier

  • „Facing climate change –Development of a participatory water management in peri-urban slums in Jaipur, India”


Vortrag auf dem Workshop: „Sustainable Development and Climate Resilience for Urban Poor”, India Habitat Center, Neu-Delhi

  • „Solutions for urban water management”


Posterpräsentation auf der FH-DGG Tagung, Bayreuth

  • „Water-Sediment Interactions: Column Design for Ammonium Adsorption/Desorption Experiments”