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M.Sc Alberto Anticoli


Freie Universität Berlin

Human - Environment Geography

PhD Candidate

Malteserstr. 74-100, Haus K
Room K 064
12249 Berlin

I am interested in researching sustainable processes, socio-environmental conflicts, and ecological changes from an interdisciplinary perspective. The main focus of my research includes understanding socio-political and socio-ecological dynamics in land conflicts, especially in South America. I studied for a Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations in Italy, and I did an interdisciplinary Master in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. In the past years, I worked as an intern in two environmental consultancies in Berlin and Madrid.

After three months of internship in the research group where I had the opportunity to write my research proposal, in July 2023 I officially started my Ph.D. project: "Detecting and mapping land conflicts in the triple frontiers of the Alto Paraná Atlantic Forest using mixed methods: an application of spatial text mining analysis". The proposed research project will make evident contributions to sustainability science, land systems, text mining, online media applications, and participatory mapping methods.