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Dr. Soledad Andrade presented her research on "Conservation opportunities for threatened paleochannel grasslands in the South American Dry Chaco" in the Institutkolloquium on December 13th.

Dr. Soledad Andrade Diaz

Dr. Soledad Andrade Diaz in the Institutskolloquium

News from Dec 19, 2022

Dr. Soledad Andrade as a result of her research, has identified and mapped, for the first time, more than 2000 Paleochannels in the Argentinian Dry Chaco. Her presentation focused on the legal context of conservation in which these ecosystems are found and the natural and anthropogenic processes, such as the shrub encroachment enhanced by overgrazing and fire management prohibition, that have transformed the Paleochannels into woody-dominated or agricultural systems. She concluded, suggesting certain channels that should be preserved in future conservation plans

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