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Course on Remote Sensing of Light Pollution

It is our my pleasure to announce that Prof. Noam Levin from the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, global expert on Remote Sensing of Night Lights, will provide a short course on Remote Sensing of Light Pollution at Freie Universität Berlin on 22nd and 23rd of May 2024 from 14:00-17:00.

The course is open to all students as well as PhD students and PostDocs interested in the topic. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis for up to 20 participants. Attendance certificates can be provided if required.

Please use the following link to register:



Some background information on the course:

Recently, the awareness to light pollution has grown, especially to its negative impacts on our ability to observe the night sky, its negative impacts on biodiversity and on human health. The study of light pollution incorporates several fields: regulation and legislation of street lighting standards, the engineering and design aspects of artificial lighting, the transfer of light in the atmosphere (affecting light scattering), remote sensing of night lights (for mapping), the use of night-time brightness as an indicator of human activity in urban and economic geography, psychology of light, the negative impacts of ecological pollution, and epidemiological studies on the impacts of light pollution on human health.

This course will focus on remote sensing methods used to monitor light pollution, combining ground based and space borne sensors. The course will be a combination of theory and hands-on data analysis including some nightlight reference data collected in Berlin.