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REVISE - Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Involvement of Volunteers for Disaster Preparedness in Teheran (Definition project) (completed)


Disaster Research Unit (DRU)

Research Team:

BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung/ Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

  • Grant ID: 01DK18003

Partners in Cooperation

  • Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK)
  • Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW)
  • Dräger AG
  • Risklayer GmbH
  • Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization (TDMMO)
  • School of Public Health der Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)
  • Red Crescent Society of the Islamic of Iran (IRCS)
  • Teheran Fire Department (TFD)
Jun 01, 2018 — Nov 30, 2018

During a six-month definition project, basic principles for the project proposal REVISE, submitted in the end of 2018, were laid out. As a transdisciplinary project, REVISE will address the gaps between day-to-day emergency control and disaster risk management in Iran by adapting instruments of integrated disaster risk management (IDRM), tested in Germany, to an Iranian context. In this context, building collapse and severe earthquake pose as example scenarios and volunteer work is examined as a central resource for an IDRM with potential to grow.