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Invitation: Stakeholder-workshop on knowledge and communication needs about climate-related extreme events

News from Mar 26, 2024

Based on the ClimXtreme research project on extreme events in climate change, the ClimXchange sub-project is organizing a user workshop on 25 April (2-4 pm, online). The workshop focuses on stakeholder knowledge and communication needs with regard to climate-related extreme events. If you are interested, you are cordially invited to register here. The workshop language is German.

The two-hour workshop as part of the DWD user workshop “Climate forecasts and climate projections” deals with the question of how current climate knowledge from ongoing research projects should be communicated and processed so that user groups can incorporate it into their work. In particular, the aim is to determine what needs users have with regard to the communication of climate knowledge:

  • What experiences, interests, expectations and goals do participants have with regard to an exchange with science stakeholders? What challenges do they experience?
  • What needs do the participants see with regard to the use of climate knowledge? What information and what kind of outputs do they need in order to better deal with current and future extreme events?

The workshop offers participants a space for discussion to reflect on their specific needs and experiences and to communicate their requirements and wishes. The insights gained in the workshop will be incorporated into the further work of the ClimXtreme project on extreme weather events in order to be able to take the needs of user groups into account in a more targeted manner. They will also be incorporated into the development of a set of tools for a successful knowledge exchange between science and practice.

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