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Interdisciplinary conversations at the Workshop on "Current and Future Challenges in Landslide Research", Technical University Berlin

Copyright Anika Braun, TU Berlin

Copyright Anika Braun, TU Berlin

News from Dec 05, 2023

When doing disaster research involving both social and natural scientists, presenting findings to 'members of the other team' is amongst the most challenging. We often start with quite different ideas on what matters, how we acquire our knowledge, what concepts mean... Yet overcoming or at least identifying different epistemologies and priorities is crucial.

At the Workshop on "Current and Future Challenges in Landslide Research" which took place on the 20th-21st of November at the Technische Universität Berlin, it was otivating to see how findings on the German-Indonesian project Tsunami Risk specifically on could be relevant for the German and Colombian contexts - and sparked lively conversations!

The presentation by DRU researcher Isabelle Desportes focused specifically on (i) WHY it matters to conduct international, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research concerning cascading disasters and warning systems, and (ii) HOW we can shape a research project to help ensure these are not mere buzzwords.

DRU colleagues Vicente Sandoval and Verena Flörchinger were present at the workshop as well, further contributing to the discussions with their social science perspectives on integrated disaster risk management and urban risk creation processes, amongst others.

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