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DRU team members participate in the 2023 EUGEO Congress in Barcelona

DRU at the EUGEO 2023

DRU at the EUGEO 2023

DRU at the EUGEO 2023

DRU at the EUGEO 2023

News from Sep 08, 2023


Team members of the Disaster Research Unit (DRU), Freie Universität Berlin, have recently chaired the session "Integrated Disaster Risk Management for a Resilient Future: Geographical linkages of social, spatial, and temporal dimensions" at the EUGEO Congress in Barcelona (Association of Geographical Societies in Europe), September 6th 2023. The session chaired by Vicente Sandoval, Verena Flörchinger, and Peter Priesmeier (THK) featured presentations from experts on the topic of disaster risk management. The session was also a great opportunity to present current research results from the INCREASE-project members, which DRU is leading. DRU colleague Isabelle Desportes moreover shared research findings from the Tsunami_Risk project, as part of a presentation entitled ‘International, Interdisciplinary, Transdisciplinary - Integrated? The case of the Tsunami_Risk project on the Indonesian tsunami warning system’. 

The session explored the current advances in integrated disaster risk management, with a focus on the geographical linkages of social, spatial, and temporal dimensions. The speakers discussed a variety of topics, including: 


  • The role of community participation in disaster risk management 

  • The use of new technologies to improve disaster risk assessment and early warning systems 

  • The challenges of integrating disaster risk management into development planning 

The session was well-attended by a diverse audience. The speakers' presentations were met with great interest and discussion. 

The disaster research team is grateful for the opportunity to chair this important session and to contribute to the ongoing conversation on integrated disaster risk management. They are confident that the knowledge and insights shared at the session will help to improve disaster risk reduction efforts around the world.

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