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Dr. Vicente Sandoval talks with experts on recent disaster events in Chile

News from Sep 08, 2023

The co-director of 2811 Global Platform, Waldo Soto, had a conversation with two Chilean experts in the field of disaster research to better understand how to put risk prevention into perspective from academic scenarios in Chile. The specialists highlight the necessity of better integration among actors, strategies, and mechanisms to reduce risks but also to avoid new ones. 

The experts are Natalia Silva, the coordinator of outreach with CITRID (Risk Reduction and Disaster Program) at the University of Chile, also former sub-director of the National Emergency Office (ONEMI), and Vicente Sandoval, researcher at the Disaster Research Unit, Freie Universität Berlin, specialising in disasters in urban communities and currently residing in Germany. 

Interview in Spanish (with automatic English subtitles, CC): https://youtu.be/_Q5KgE78rPA

The news release at 2811 Global platform: https://2811global.com/charlas-2811-prevencion-del-riesgo-educacion-accion/ 

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