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INCREASE-project German partners met in Cologne

News from Jun 29, 2023

The German partners of the INCREASE-project convened in person last week (21-23 June, 2023) at THK (University of Applied Sciences Cologne) in Cologne.
The purpose of the meeting was to foster closer communication among the partners and discuss the current status, progress, and upcoming challenges of the project. With a total of 27 participants from different organizations/institutions, the event provided an excellent platform for each partner to showcase their work thus far and explore potential synergies to enhance collaboration. On the first and second day of the gathering, the organising team at THK and other collaborators arranged an "Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRM) Workshop" aimed at bringing together all partners to discuss the development of the IDRM framework as a central tool for the subsequent work: Development and implementation of IDRM.

More information about the INCREASE project at https://www.increase-project.com/

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