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Call for Abstracts EUGEO Congress 2023

EUGEO 2023

EUGEO 2023

News from Mar 03, 2023

#CallForAbstracts We’re happy to announce our next session on “Integrated Disaster Risk management (IDRM)” at the #EUGEO2023 (Association of European Geographical Societies). Submit your abstracts before March 31st, via this form: https://www.eugeobcn23.eu/sessions/?id=1219 

The Association of European Geographical Societies (EUGEO) congress aims to gather the entire geography section and welcomes sessions on a broad range of topics that could contribute to an understanding of our current conditions, the challenges we face, and directions necessary so that humanity and all that cohabits our planet can survive in our shared environment.

Submission and information here: https://www.eugeobcn23.eu/sessions/?id=1219 

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