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DRU at BBK Congress on Research for Population Protection

News from Jan 10, 2023

From 12-14.01.2023, the BBK Congress on Research for Population Protection will take place in Bonn for the first time. The DRU is represented with the following contributions:

On Thursday, there will be a presentation by the Tsunami Risk project entitled "Tsunami Risk - Institutional and Cultural Aspects of Operational Disaster Risk Management in Indonesia and Germany " with the participation of Isabelle Desportes.

On Friday, Theresa Zimmermann and Sara Merkes will moderate the sessions "Research Perspectives on Interfaces of Collaboration in Disasters, Crises and War" and "Research Approaches to Engagement in Crises". In the latter, they will give a talk based on the ATLAS-ENGAGE project entitled "From Bird's Eye View to Beaver's Burrow: Meta-Analysis as a Tool for Scientific and Practice-Oriented Field Exploration."

The BMBF project RESIK will also be represented at the BBK conference by Nicolas Bock and Sidonie Hänsch from the Disaster Research Unit, with some of their RESIK project partners from the German Red Cross, the International Center for Ethics in the Sciences at the University of Tübingen and the company Dräger. Together, they have organized a panel for Friday morning, with the theme "Scientific Evidence for Practice - Recommendations and Guidelines for Evacuation of Healthcare Facilities." In it, the DRU scientific staff will give a presentation on social science findings on coordination and communication during hospital emergencies and evacuations, consisting of observations from four case studies.

On Saturday, Theresa Zimmermann and Sara Merkes will be part of the session "Impulses: Innovations, Governance and the Future" with the following presentation topic: "Researching into the Future: Limitations and Potentials of Scientific Engagement with Societal Developments and corresponding Conclusions for Population Protection". In the same panel, Daniel F. Lorenz and Cordula Dittmer will present reflections on “Governance of Complex Disasters - Challenges for Civil Protection and Disaster Management”. The presentation is based mainly on findings of the HoWas21 research project but also integrates findings from the WAKE and BePal projects to analyse different disaster situations of recent years from a comparative disaster sociological perspective.

You can find the program of the congress here.

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