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DRU presentations on civil society engagement in disasters

News from Dec 13, 2022

The DRU held two presentations at the conference "Civil Society Engagement and Volunteer Services in the Focus of Research" (Zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement und Freiwilligendienste im Fokus der Forschung, ZEFFF) from 09.-10.12.2022 in Düsseldorf.

Stephan Lorenz presented from the INCREASE project on the topic "At the Borderlines of Civil Society and Volunteer Engagement - Change and Conflict". He addressed processes of societal changes along typical lines of conflict between civil society, economy, the state and the private sphere.

In their presentation "Blackbox Voluntary Engagement in Disasters? A Typology of Diverse Civil Society Involvement in Civil Protection Contexts", Sara Merkes and Theresa Zimmermann presented findings from the ATLAS-ENGAGE project. They addressed the diversification of forms of engagement in disaster relief and argued that a differentiated view along characteristics of engagement can help to identify processes of change and to improve interfaces between volunteers and authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) and to avoid conflicts.

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