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Volunteering in civil protection: Perspectives of operational and administrative staff

News from May 10, 2024

The question of the challenges, opportunities and potentials of involving external actors arises in the event of military tension and defence, especially when the full-time and volunteer personnel resources available to civil protection could reach their limits. This paper focuses on the topic of engagement in civil protection and the potential for involving external actors. To this end, the results of a survey of 1957 operational and administrative staff from population protection authorities and organizations and of two in-depth expert discussions are presented. The paper deals with the topics of personnel availability for civil protection, knowledge of civil protection topics, structures and roles, exercises on civil protection content and possibilities/limitations of involving external actors in the event of military tension and defence.

Read more about this in the following publication from the project ATLAS-ENGAGE project:  

Merkes, Sara T.; Zimmermann, Theresa; Bock, Nicolas; Windsheimer, Peter; Voss, Martin (2024): Engagement im Zivilschutz und Potenziale zur Einbindung externer Akteure. Umfrageergebnisse zu Einschätzungen von Einsatz- und Verwaltungskräften im Bevölkerungsschutz. KFS Working Paper Nr. 30. Berlin: KFS. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17169/refubium-42003

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