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Research projects

Ongoing projects

  • BMBF - SASSCAL Call 2.0 - Collaborative project WIRE: Water Storage in the Angolan-Namibian Iishana System: Resource Management and Adaptation to Climate Change (Project management: FU Berlin, Project partners: TU Kaiserslautern, UNAM Namibia, ISPT Angola)

  • DFG Forschungsgruppe 5288 "Fast and Invisible: Conquering Subsurface Stormflow through an Interdisciplinary Multi-Site Approach“, Subproject G "SSF MODEL BENCHMARKING - Towards a robust parameterization of SSF in hydrological models at the catchment scale" (Direction: Dr. Christian Reinhardt-Imjela in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Andreas Hartmann (TU Dresden), project no. 453746323)

  • Water Demand and Water Planning in Kabul City/ Afghanistan (DAAD)

Finished projects

  • Flow and morphodynamic processes in oxbow lakes of the Middle Elbe with special consideration of reconnection and restoration