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Meteorological Library

The low-contact borrowing and returning of items will be extended until April 24, 2021.Update from January 13, 2021:The libraries at Freie Universität Berlin will resume lending services for members of Freie Universität. External users also have the opportunity to lend media at some library locations! 

Services Provided by Freie Universität Libraries During Period of Coronavirus-Related Restrictions (Update from March 31, 2021)

Please note our information on this

3 steps to a physical book loan:

1. Pre-order the book / print medium in Primo

2. Get a pickup notification by mail

3. Borrowing is possible from Monday to Thursday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. The media will be handed over at the library entrance. Please knock briefly on the library door :)

Please come to pick up the media after you have received the pick-up notification.

Please contact us for your questions and concerns via our email address: bibliothek@met.fu-berlin.de