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Open access publishing and research data management

Open Access

For several years, Freie Universität Berlin has been committed to the Open Access idea and thus to the free accessibility of scientific knowledge. It offers extensive services, e.g. open publishing in Refubium, reimbursement or central payment of Open Access publication fees or advice on so-called "predatory publishers".

The teams of the Earth Sciences Library and the Open Access Department at the University Library can advise you on open publishing. You can also find information on the FU's Open Access webpages, e.g. on whether Open Access publication fees can be paid centrally via the FU Publication Fund, via institutional memberships or via publishing agreements.

Research data management

The teams of the Earth Sciences Library and the Research Data Management Department at the University Library support students and researchers in managing their research data.

Take advantage of this support, for example, when creating data management plans or with questions about publishing research data. You can also find information on the FU's research data management websites, e.g. on what is meant by research data and what is important for data management when performing research. You are also welcome to contact Andreas Hübner directly, who is in charge of the Department of Earth Sciences in the Research Data Management team (send E-Mail or phone: 030 838 71062).


Research data management Documentation and Citation of data

Central tasks of data management for researchers are the documentation of research data (incl. software). The two checklists linked below briefly present the most important points:

Research data policies for research projects

Research data policies for research projects are useful for establishing a common standard in a research project on how to deal with the research data generated in the project. This is particularly relevant in projects with many participants and when different research disciplines work together.

Additional ressources

Another recommended source of detailed, predominantly German-language information on research data management is the website forschungsdaten.info. Here you will also find subject-specific pages, for example for the Geosciences.