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Electronic publishing

Refubium is the repository of Freie Universität Berlin. It offers members of Freie Universität Berlin the framework for free electronic publishing of text-based documents (e.g. books, academic articles, reports, dissertations, postdoctoral theses) and research data.

What are the advantages of publishing on Refubium?

  • Open Access publication (gradations of "openness" and time embargoes are possible)
  • Guaranteed long-term archiving of documents
  • Assignment of identifiers (e.g. DOI, ISBN and URN)
  • document retrieval in search engines and discovery systems
  • fast electronic availability of your document
  • Versioning options
  • free of charge

Further information on Refubium can be found under Help on Refubium A - Z.

FU members planning to publish in Refubium should seek advice from the University Library as early as possible. We recommend that you do this as early as the application and research phase, especially in the case of research data.

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