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Library collection

General geology, Historical geology, Regional geology, Geochronology, Deposit science, Mining geology, Hydrogeology, Engineering geology, Photogeology, Remote sensing, General palaeontology, Vertebrate palaeontology, Micropalaeontology, Geoinformatics, Geophysics, Mineralogy, Materials science, Physico-chemical data, New materials and technologies.

Geography, cartography, tourism, geography-related publications from the fields of political science, agricultural science, economics, social science.

Contact person: Cornelia Kahlfeld

Map collection:
Geographical and topographical maps, atlases, geological maps.

Collection information / as at: end of 2004 / freely accessible:
a) Total number of volumes: 91,152
b) Current periodicals: 605
c) Micro-materials: 362
d) Maps: 161,000
e) Atlases: 1,900
f) Wall maps: 500
g) Slides: 37,866
h) CD-ROM: 185
i) Other media (films, video tapes, diskettes): 27