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Borrowing, renewing and returning



Students of the Freie Universität:

Students of Freie Universität can use their valid "Campuscard" to borrow media and have them made available. A separate registration is not necessary.

External users:

External users are persons 16 years of age and older who are residents of Berlin or Brandenburg or who can present a student ID from a local university. The issuance of a library card is free of charge and takes place at the circulation desk upon presentation of the following documents:

  • valid identity card or passport
  • official proof of current residence, if this is not evident from one of the above documents
  • valid student ID of a university in Berlin/Brandenburg, if applicable
  • Library registration form

Loan period, extension

The loan period in the Geosciences Library is usually 4 weeks, for books from the textbook collection 2 weeks and can be extended if there is no reservation. Detailed information about the loan period can be found in Primo after registration.

The loan period can be extended in the user account itself or by telephone at (030) 838-70205. After a maximum loan period of 6 months, the medium must be presented. Reminder emails are sent before the loan period expires as a service of the FU Libraries.

The lending conditions and the loan period of interlibrary loans are determined by the lending library and are therefore variable. It is not possible to extend the loan period beyond this. However, loan periods longer than 4 weeks may result in loan period reductions.

 In these cases, extensions are not possible:

  • Das Medium, das Sie verlängern möchten, ist vorgemerkt.
  • The medium was ordered via interlibrary loan.
  • Your account has been locked.

Reservation of borrowed media

Borrowed media can be reserved. You will be notified about the provision.

Book return

  • Return of FU media is possible at all lending offices of Freie Universität Berlin except the libraries of Charité. Interlibrary loans must be returned to the UB.
  • You will receive a return receipt by mail