MiKlip Status Seminar 2017 (1.-3. März) in Berlin

  • Scheffler, Janice et al.: Representation of transport in EMAC-SWIFT simulations (Poster)
  • Spiegl, Tobias; Langematz, Ulrike: The solar cycle related NAO signal in the latest versions of the MPI-ESM-LR and HR, and EMAC models, and observations (Poster)
  • Dameris, Martin; supported by Langematz, Ulrike; Rex, Markus; Cai, Duy Sinh; Spiegl, Tobias; Scheffler, Janice; Wohltmann, Ingo; Kreyling, Daniel; Matthes, Katja: Assessing and understanding the role of stratospheric changes on decadal climate prediction

European Geosciences Union Generel Assembly 2017 (23.-28. April) in Wien

7th Annual EMAC Symposium 2017 (26.-28. Juni) in Mainz

  • Kunze, Markus: Quantifying uncertainties of climate signals related to the 11 year solar cycle
  • Scheffler, Janice: Update on SWIFT - sensitivity to transport formulation
  • Spiegl, Tobias: Frequencies of ENSO events in EMAC-O under future climate change conditions

Symposium for the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol (19.-20. September) in Paris

SPARC SOLARIS-HEPPA working group meeting 2017 (6.-9. November) in Paris

  • Spiegl, Tobias: Quantifying the regional effects of a potential 21st century Grand Solar Minimum on aggregate climate change using Euclidean Distances