International course on Watershed Management in Ethiopia 2003

An international course on Watershed Management was held in Arba Minch, Ethiopia in 2003. Students from Freie Universität Berlin, Arba Minch Institute of Technology and Universität Siegen participüated in the five week-field course (2.08.-9.9.2003). It was intended to develop concepts for the sustainable management of the limited water and soil resources in the Hare catchment area. THus, prior the actual processes of soil-water-interaction had to be descreibed. Different watershed area characteristics had to b determined, which are important to assess processes of soil erosion and water-budget and which are the base for the modelling of the soil erosion risk and rainfall-runoff. Main goal was to reach an improved modelling tool for evaluation the sensitivity of Hare catchment area by comparisopn of different modelling and mapping results (quantitative and qualitative approch, see figure).