Public Relations Team of the Planetary Sciences and Remote Sensing Group

Becquerel Krater Höhenmodell
Color-coded digital terrain model of Becquerel crater on Mars

These people in our group participate in public relations, press and media, and educational outreach activities:

Main contacts:

• Heike Balthasar (+49 30 838 70555)
  Coordination Mars Express/HRSC project, science events
• Dr. Stefanie Musiol (+49 30 838 70551)
  Web, coordination press releases/text,
  educational outreach, science events

Team members: • Alexander Dumke
  Data processing, mosaicking
• Christoph Gross
  Text review
• Dominik Neu
  Data processing and visualization, 3D-animations
• Heike Rosenberg
  Web, educational outreach, science events
• Björn Schreiner
  Visualization, 3D-animations