52 publications

Halogen element and stable chlorine isotope fractionation caused 1 by fluid-rock interaction (Bamble sector SE Norway)

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Subduction zone metamorphic pathway for deep carbon cycling: II. Evidence from HP/UHP metabasaltic rocks and ophicarbonates

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Australian sedimentary opal-A and its associated minerals: Implications for natural silica sphere formation

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Synthesis of trace element bearing single crystals of Chlor-Apatite (Ca5(PO4)3Cl) using the flux growth method.

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Cationic point defects in CuGaSe2 from a structural perspective

C. Stephan, T. Scherb, C, Kaufmann, S. Schorr, H.-W. Schock

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Free-Bound Luminescence in Near Stoichiometric Cu2ZnSnS4 Single Crystals

S. Levcenco, V. E. Tezlevan, E. Arushanov, S. Schorr, T. Unold

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AgGaSe2 thin films grown by chemical closed-spaced vapor transport for photovoltaic applications: structural, electrical and optical material properties

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Kesterites - a challenging material for solar cells

S. Siebentritt, S. Schorr

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Colloidal Synthesis of Cu2ZnxSnySe1+x+2y Nanocrystals with Wurtzite-Derived Structure

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A. Nateprov, W. C. Kravtsov, W. Moschiaga, S. Schorr

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Shocked quartz in Sahara fulgurite

M. Ende, S. Schorr, G. Kloess, A. Franz, M. Tovar

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M. Müller, R. E. Dinnebier, S. Schorr

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Neutrons and photons in materials research for thin film solar cells

S. Schorr, Ch. Stephan, R. Mainz, M. Tovar

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Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells by fast co-evaporation

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Evaluation of Impurity-Modified CuGaS2 as Thin Film Intermediate Band Absorber Material

B. Marsen, S. Klemz, G. Landi, L. Steinkopf, R. Scheer, S. Schorr, H.-W. Schock

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Carbonatite melt inclusions in coexisting magnetite, apatite and monticellite in Kerimasi calciocarbonatite, Tanzania: melt evolution and petrogenesis

Guzmics, T., Mitchell, R.H., Szabó, C., Berkesi, M., Milke, R., Abart, R

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The crystal structure of kesterite type compounds: a neutron and X-ray diffraction study

S. Schorr

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Diffusion in polycrystalline materials: Grain boundaries, mathematical models, and experimental data

Dohmen, R., Milke, R.

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CdTe thin film solar cells prepared by a low-temperature deposition method

V. D. Novruzov, N. M. Fathi, O. Gorur, M. Tomakin, A. I. Bayramov, S. Schorr, N. Mamedov

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Mössbauer study of isomorphous substitutions in Cu2Fe1-.xCuxSnS4 and Cu2Fe1-xZnxS4 series

V. S. Rusakov, N. I. Chistyakov, I. A. Burkovsky, A. M. Gapochka, T. L. Evstigneeva, S. Schorr

Journal of Physics 217 (2010) 012038 | 2010

XAFS study of kesterite, kuramite and stannite type alloys

W. Zalewski, R. Bacewicz, J. Antonowicz, A. Pietnoczka, T. L. Evsigneeva, S. Schorr

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Optical constants of Cu2ZnGeS4 bulk crystals

M. León,S. Levcenko, R. Serna, G. Gurieva, A. Nateprov, J. M. Merino, E. J. Friedrich, U. Fillat, S. Schorr, and E. Arushanov

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Vibrational properties of stannite and kesterite type compounds: Raman scattering analysis of Cu2(Fe,Zn)SnS4

X. Fontane, V. Izquierdo-Roca, E. Saucedo, S. Schorr, V.O. Yukhymchuk, M.Ya. Valakh, A. Perez-Rodriguez, J.R. Morante

Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2012)

Structure refinements of members in the brownmillerite solid solution series Ca2Alx(Fe0.5Mn0.5)2-xO5+δ with ½≤x≤4/3

S. Stöber, G. Redhammer, S. Schorr, O. Prokhnenko, H. Pöllmann

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The complex material properties of chalcopyrite and kesterite thin film solar cell absorbers tackled by synchrotron-based analytics

S. Schorr, R. Mainz, M. Baer, I. Lauermann, H. Mönig

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Characterization of Cu2SnSe3 by spectroscopic ellipsometry

G. Gurieva, S. Levcenco, S. Schorr, M. Leon, R. Serna, A, Nateprov, E. Arushanov

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