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Vorticity and Vortex Dynamics

Written By: Wu, Jie-Zhi; Ma, Hui-yang; Zhou, M.-D.Published By: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Published In: 2006MIL EAN/ISBN: 9781280853234 Pub e-EAN/ISBN: 9783540290285 Dewey: 532.0595

Related Subjects: Science >> Physics >> Descriptive and experimental mechanics

This book is a comprehensive and intensive monograph for scientists, engineers and applied mathematicians, as well as graduate students in fluid dynamics. It starts with a brief review of fundamentals of fluid dynamics, with an innovative emphasis on the intrinsic orthogonal decomposition of fluid dynamics process. This is followed by vortex dynamics dealing with the motion, interaction, stability, and breakdown of various vortices. Typical vortex structures are analyzed in laminar, translational, and turbulent flows, including stratified and rotational fluids. In another chapter vortical flow management is presented, such as diagnostics and control. Physical understanding of vortical flow phenomena and mechanisms is the first priority throughout the book. To make the book self-contained, some mathematical background is briefly presented in the main text, but major prerequisites are systematically given in appendices.

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