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Environmental Sciences : Atmospheric Circulation Dynamics and General Circulation Models 

General circulation models (GCMs), which define the fundamental dynamics of atmospheric circulation, are nowadays used in various fields of atmospheric science such as weather forecasting, climate predictions and environmental estimations. The Second Edition of this renowned work has been updated to include recent progress of high resolution global modeling. It also contains for the first time aspects of high-resolution global non-hydrostatic models that the author has been studying since the publication of the first edition. Some highlighted results from the Non-hydrostatic ICosahedral Atmospheric Model (NICAM) are also included. The author outlines the theoretical concepts, simple models and numerical methods for modeling the general circulation of the atmosphere. Concentrating on the physical mechanisms responsible for the development of large-scale circulation of the atmosphere, the book offers comprehensive coverage of an important and rapidly developing technique used in the atmospheric science. Dynamic interpretations of the atmospheric structure and their aspects in the general circulation model are described step by step

Springer Praxis Books

Satoh, Masaki
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, January 2013, English

SCHLAGWÖRTER: Atmospheric circulation -- Mathematical models. Atmospheric circulation -- Computer simulation.
LC CALL NUMBERQC880.4.A8 -- S28 2014eb

DEWEY-DEZIMALNUMMER:551.517 DRUCK: ISBN9783642135736 E-BOOK: ISBN9783642135743 OCLC-NUMMER:857081926