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Development and Validation of a Coupled Model System in the Baltic Region (BALTIMOS)

01.02.2001 — 31.01.2005

In this project a fully coupled model system for the Baltic Sea region, called BALTIMOS, has been developed by linking existing model components for the atmosphere (model REMO), for the ocean including sea ice (model BSIOM), for the hydrology (model LARSIM) as well as for lakes and vegetation. It has been successfully applied to simulate an extreme salt water inflow event. In addition, a comprehensive validation of the uncoupled and coupled model versions for the Baltic Sea and its catchment area were performed using data from the period 1999 to 2002 and a longer period of more than a decade. The strategy behind BALTIMOS is to develop a model system which can be utilized for present day simulations of the Baltic area with the focus to understand present day climate variability, and which can also be used for climate change scenarios. The definition of model quality targets and the comparison of the model results against these targets allows model quality control and builds the basis for future applications. The validation of the major components of the hydrological cycle against observations shows a surprisingly good model behavior.

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