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Abb.1-2: Ost-West-Route der einwöchigen Südtunesien-Exkursion. Quelle: Google Earth


Day 1

      distance overnight
Mon Sept. 27   Fly to Djerba in the afternoon / evening. Collect rental vehicles at the airport, drive to Zarzis, check in accommodation. 50 Zarzis

Day 2

Tue Sept. 28   Drive south to the Bahar Alouane tidal channel and the Bahiret El Bibane lagoon south of Zarzis to investigate [1] interaction between microbial structures and dehydration, dust and airborne silt;  mechanical stress; [2] microbial metabolisms and ecology; [3] beach ridge facies of the Bahiret El Bibane barrier beach and lagoon. Return late afternoon. 80 Zarzis

Day 3

Wed Sept. 29   Study Sabkha El Melah (coastal / lagoonal sabkha), including recent stromatolites, gypsum and  salt. Study Sabkha Boujmel (Pleistocene), south of Zarzis, studying interactions between siliciclastic and biogenic processes and early diagenetic dolomitisation. 90 Zarzis

Day 4

Thur Sept.  30   Travel west via Medenine and the Cretaceous Platform near Matmata to the Nefzaoua Oases and Douz. Study  aeolian processes (dune formation, dynamics and vegetation) in the dune field of the Grand Erg Oriental outside Douz. 270 Douz

Day 5

Fri Oct. 1   Drive from Douz along the Kebili Peninsula. Study groundwater management practices. Travel across the Chott El Djerid to Tozeur. Study  facies transitions between eolian, alluvial and evaporate deposits. 120 Tozeur

Day 6

Sat Oct. 2   Roundtrip to  Nefta and back and to the Nefta dune field near the Algerian border. Study transition from eolian deposits to the evaporites, including early diagenetic growth of gypsum roses and early cementation. 120 Tozeur

Day 7

Sun Oct. 3   Drive back from Tozeur to Zarzis via El Hamma und Gabés. Study Holocene ooid eolianites at the Lalla Meriem promontory north of Zarzis. 380 Zarzis

Day 8

Mon Oct. 4   Return vehicles. Fly back to Berlin. 40  - 

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