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Several positions are now available in planetary geodynamics at ERC-CoG Project DIVERSE (DIVerse Exoplanet Redox State Estimations)

News vom 05.05.2023

The planetary geodynamics group led by Prof. Dr. Lena Noack uses computational models to charaterize planetary processes that impact the long-term evolution of the planetary interior coupled to the surface and atmosphere for rocky planets within and beyond the solar system. This expertise is to be further expanded with the advertised positions within the ERC project "DIVERSE", which focusses on rocky exoplanets with reduced mantle chemistry and secondary H2-rich atmospheres.

NO-ERC-2023-A PhD position (75%) for 4 years 
The subproject will focus on the modeling of early planet formation. In particular, the differentiation of mantle and core in massive rocky planets (super-Earths) during the magma ocean phase will be investigated.

NO-ERC-2023-B Full-time post-doc position for 2 years 
The subproject will deal with the modeling of the deep interior of rocky planets. With the help of a two-phase flow model in an already existing 2D convection code, the late differentiation of mantle and core in massive rock planets (super-Earths) will be studied.

NO-ERC-2023-C Full-time post-doc position for 4.5 years
The subproject will deal with the modeling of the atmosphere of certain rocky exoplanets whose mantle material is chemically strongly reduced. In particular, atmospheric loss processes and their feedback on outgassing from the interior will be studied, and the observability of the resulting atmospheres will be evaluated.

Review of applications will start on the 16th of May until the position is filled. 

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