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Learning from the past: high-resolution pollen record from Lake Suigetsu and its implications for palaeoclimatology and archaeology



News vom 27.01.2022

This paper of Takeshi Nakagawa (Ritsumeikan University, Shiga, Japan), Pavel Tarasov (Freie Universität Berlin) and the international research team published in Global and Planetary Change has been selected as one of the year 2021 top contributions to the journal by the Editors.

The spatio-temporal structure of the Lateglacial to early Holocene transition reconstructed from the pollen record of Lake Suigetsu and its precise correlation with other key global archives: implications for palaeoclimatology and archaeology. 

Global and Planetary Change 202, 103493.


“Leads, lags, or synchronies in past climatic events provide insights into causal linkages. This paper demonstrates the Lateglacial interstadial began two centuries earlier in the Lake Suigetsu region of Japan compared to Greenland. Bimodal migration of the westerly jet between north and south of the Tibetan Plateau may have been responsible for abrupt deglacial warming in Asia.”


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