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Dr. Carolina Müller

Carolina Müller
Bildquelle: Jan Kersten

Geologische Wissenschaften

Fachrichtung Paläontologie

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Malteserstrasse 74-100 - Haus D - Raum D.021
D-12249 Berlin

2006, Gymnasium an der Hamburger Straße, Bremen. Grade: 1.4 (in a range of 1.0-4.0)

2006-2007 Chinese language classes, Tongji University Shanghai, China; HSK Level 6 (former system)
2007-2010 Bachelor Biology; Focus: Botany and Ecology, Göttingen University
2008-2011 Attendance at Ba.A. Programme “East Asian Studies”; Göttingen University/Nanjing University
2011-2013 Master Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution, Free University Berlin

Scientific examinations

  • Bachelor Thesis - 08/2010, Göttingen University, Prof. Dr. H. Behling, Prof. Dr. F. Schlütz (title:Studien zur Beziehung von Vegetation und Pollenniederschlag verschiedener Höhenlagen aus einer subtropischen Bergregion der Provinz Zhejiang, Südost China). Grade: 1.3
  • Master Thesis – 08/2013, Free University Berlin, Prof. Dr. H. Kürschner, Prof. Dr. P. Tarasov (Title: Pflanzensoziologische, palynologische und quartärwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen der Hochgebirgsvegetation auf dem Qinghai-Tibetplateau, Qinghai Provinz, China). Grade: 1.0

Previous research employments
02/2011-05/2011 – Student assistant at NICE Centre, Nanjing University. Sediment analysis for the palaeoclimate history of Hala Lake.
02/2012-10/2012 – Student assistant at Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Potsdam (supervisor: Bernhard Diekmann; Microscopic pollen analysis for the palaeoclimate history of Heihai Lake.)
04/2013-06/2013 – Student assistant at FreieUniversität Berlin, pollen laboratory work.

Scientific activities abroad
02/2011 – 2 weeks: Hala Lake (Qinghai Province, China), field work, including core drilling and measuring of different water parameters.
08/2011 – 3 weeks: Lake Heihai(Qinghai Province, China), phytosociological studies, plant and data collection.
08/2012 – 4 weeks: Lake Heihai(Qinghai Province, China), phytosociological studies, plant and data collection (continued).
03/2013 – 3 weeks: Yunnan, collecting Radix sp. for phylogeographic investigations, spread and radiation in relation to the uprising of the Tibetan Plateau.
11/2013 – 2 weeks: Hainan (Hainan Island, China), collecting Radix sp. for phylogeographic investigations.
03/2014 – 5 weeks: Kunming / Xingyun Lake (Yunnan Province, China), lecturer at student excursion; Nanjing (Jiangsu Province, China), organising a workshop with an International Research Training Group, preparations for establishing a graduate school.
10/2014 – 3 weeks: Nanjing (Jiangsu Province, China), Laboratory work (NICE Centre, Nanjing University).
09/2015 – 4 weeks: Southern Tanzania; Screening landscape and river systems for the existence and diversity of limnic gastropods (preparatory works).

Conference / Workshop attendance:

  • Open PAGES Focus 4 Workshop: “Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions: Towards a more accurate quantification of human-environment interactions in the past.” - University of Leuven, Belgium February 3-7, 2014
  • Bolin Centre for Climate Research: “Summer School: Isotopes in Climate and the Earth System.” Stockholm University, 23–29 August, 2015.

Conference contributions:

Müller C., Tarasov P., Wünnemann B., Riedel F.: “High-resolution climate reconstruction derived from a 1200-year long pollen record from the NE Qinghai Tibetan Plateau and its implications for discussion of the late Holocene environmental dynamics.” - INQUA Conference, Nagoya. 26. July – 02. August, 2015

Awards and Funding

  • 09/2010 – 02/2011 – DAAD stipend for Chinese language class at Nanjing University.
  • 08/2012 – Travel grant from the DAAD. Plant collection for the master thesis in Heihai Lake region, China.

  • 2013/2014 Lecturer "Introduction to Palynology and Archaeobotany"

  • 04/2014 Supervision / Lecturer at a field excursion: “Hydromorphology and Limnology of Yunnan Plateau lakes”.

  • 2015/2016 Lecturer “Angewandte Palynologie” (Applied Palynology)

My research focusses on environmental and climate change studies based on botanical approaches, palynology and environmental biologyas well as stable isotope cycles in the environment. I am especially interested in Holoceneclimate- and human-induced vegetation cover fluctuations in central and southern China, and, additionally, have an all-embracinginterest inEast Asian culture and history.

Since September 2013 I am employed at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Palaeontology at FreieUniversität Berlin. Mainly,I support the establishment of an International Graduate School between Germany (Berlin and Potsdam) and the Nanjing University which focusses on research about extreme weather events in the past on the Yunnan Plateau, southeastern China. Within this project, some field work has already been carried out on several plateau lakes on the Yunnan Plateau. In this context, one of my PhD research topics is the evaluation of human impact on vegetation and environment in the area of Xingyun Lake. For this, classical palynology and geochemistry approaches were applied. I am also working on a Late Holocene high resolution palynological record from the Erhai Wetland, which liesclose to Lake Qinghai on the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau in central China. The main research question here is, whether human induced landscape changes in the steppe/meadow environment are congruent to known Late Holocene warm and cold periods and,additionally, in which amplitude the changes are displayed in the pollen record. Furthermore, I am interested in isotope cycles in several environmental and climatological processes and am working on a pilot project calibrating stable δ18O and δ13C isotopes in modern and fossil pollen grains from selected European plant taxa.

Current Projects

  • “High-resolution climate reconstruction derived from a 1200-year long pollen record from the NE Qinghai Tibetan Plateau and its implications for discussion of the late Holocene environmental and human dynamics.” With Frank Riedel (FU Berlin), Pavel Tarasov (FU Berlin) and Bernd Wünnemann (Nanjing University)

  • “Exploring the potential of δ 18O and δ 13C in pollen spectra for reconstruction of Quaternary palaeo-climate focussing averaged seasonal temperature variation and seasonality shifts: Calibration study on modern pollen from selected European plant taxa.” With Gerhard Helle (GFZ Potsdam) and Frank Riedel (FU Berlin)

  • “Asian monsoon weather, climate and vegetation cover changes on the Yunnan Plateau during the late Holocene inferred from a high-resolution pollen record and the assessment of historical documents and the human history from Xingyun and Fuxian lake area (Yunnan, China).” With Frank Riedel (FU Berlin) and Bernd Wünnemann (Nanjing University)
  • Müller, Carolina. "Bi-decadal climate reconstruction derived from a 1200-year long pollen record from the NE Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its implications for discussion of the late Holocene environmental dynamics." Quaternary International 444 (2017): 1-10.
  •  Stauch, G., Schulte, P., Ramisch, A., Hartmann, K., Hülle, D., Lockot, G., Diekmann, B., Nottebaum, V., Müller, C., Wünnemann, B., Yan, D. Lehmkuhl, F.(2017). "Landscape and climate on the northern Tibetan Plateau during the late Quaternary". Geomorphology, 286, 78-92.
  • Müller, C., &Kürschner, H. (2014). Phytosociological and palynological studies of alpine steppe communities on the northern Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai Province, China. Feddes Repertorium, 124(4), 122-138.