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10th Anniversary Phase Meeting 2015

From 19-20 February the 11th annual Phase Meeting took place in the Seminaris Campus Hotel, Berlin.

News vom 26.02.2015

The anniversary meeting offered a number of interesting talks about:

• Triggering mechanisms of induced seismicity
• Modeling and imaging of induced seismicity
• Interpretation and visualization of microseismic data combined with 3-D reflection seismic images
• Seismicity-based methods for estimating hydraulic properties of rocks
• Combining microseismic data and reservoir simulations
• Estimating seismic criticality of rocks
• Physics and monitoring of hydraulic fracturing
• Physics and monitoring of poroelastic stress relaxation
• Stress and pore pressure related numerical and theoretical rock physics
• Effective properties of fractured reservoirs

Thanks to the Sponsors of the PHASE consortium.

The next meeting will be held from 17-19 February 2016.

Picture: Carsten Dinske

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